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At LMNOP we brew beers without bells and whistles. No-nonsense, good beers, fitting the craft beer revolution. We love classic beerstyles with a new American twist: distinct hop aromas, roasted malts and special kinds of yeast. Our strength is to bring balance to the complex flavours of these ingredients. This way we craft pure beers so you can enjoy them carefree.


LMNOP Vienna Pale Ale

Vienna Pale Ale

bitter, fruity, blonde

A hoppy blonde beer with 5,3% alcohol. The aromas of the beer are fruity. We’ve used Vienna malts to give the beer a full body and a bread like flavour. This makes for a nice balance with the hop aromas of the beer.

LMNOP Mosaic Brown Ale

Mosaic Brown Ale

fruity, dry, brown

A brown beer with 5,2% alcohol. We’ve made this beer using only Mosaic hops. This gives the beer a distinct spicy and fruity aroma. Along with the darker malts, with their toffee and caramel flavours, make a layered beer.

LMNOP Export Stout

Export Stout

full bodied, roasted, black

A black beer with 7,8% alcohol. Flavours of chocolate and coffee fill your taste buds with this intense beer. To balance the light sweetness in this beer we have given this beer a high bitterness. This ensures the feeling of a fully rounded beer.

LMNOP Rye Saison

Rye Saison

spicy, dry, refreshing

A Belgian inspired blonde beer with 6,4% alcohol. The saison has a spicy, refreshing taste, which is caused by the yeast we used. By adding rye we enhanced these flavours. Apart from that, this beer doesn’t need any other adornments, because that might mask the characteristics of the beer. That would be a shame.